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Concept and Strategy
Surgical Strike
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What We Do
We design and develop a well thought out business process workflow, developed to suite your situation, built on top of a marketing automation system that is connected to a network of websites & landing pages that gets traffic from online & offline direct response marketing.When you hire for a turnkey implementation of a surgical strike you get a well thought out, standardized, systematized, automated sales lead generating & marketing system.
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Process Complexity is an extremely valuable asset. As the Kamasutra greatly complicates sex but gives its master dramatic advantage in sustaining the interest of his lover(s) the ability to implement this Business Kamasutra gives sustainable competitive advantage to a company. -Dan Kennedy
The Differences:
I am a data scientist. I practice big data in small business and I have been practicing data intelligence in direct response marketing since 1989. I have three core competencies:
  • I know exactly where to strike. (I am very good at spotting opportunities).
  • I know how to paint your picture with me in it.
  • I know exactly when to ask for money.
When you work with, you get to work with me and my team to identify opportunities in the market place where your strengths are relevant. We don’t start our conversation with how much money I need to take from you. We start our conversation with how money you need to make to justify our arrival in your life and our existence in your eco system. Our Fiscal Fitness program builds a comprehensive marketing budget and corresponding sales forecast so you can establish a cause and effect relationship between money spent and money made before your actually spend money on infrastructure development and ongoing marketing expences.
The Bottom line:
If you are making money, nothing else matters.
If you are NOT making money, nothing else matters.
So guess where your focus should be? We focus on your win conditions. We focus on your current & future needs. We talk about what can & should be done for your business, but we also talk about ”No really, what are we going to do now?”
At the end of the day; We pledge to deliver measurable & impressive results.